Carte R4DS

Using the Carte r4 allows you to add a wide range of files for playback on your DS/DSL console that were previously unsupported, thanks to constant development work from the R4 team they have released a device that will allow you to get the very best from your console and playback media files with ease, no matter where you are and what the time of day is. The R4 also supports both Micro SD and SDHC memory cards, available in capacities up to 32GB allowing you to store your entire media collection for playback on the go.

R4i developments

Over the past number of years there have been several new improvements to the the DS range of consoles, with new options such as the DSi, DSi XL and 3DS consoles coming onto the market. One thing has not changed though and that’s the R4i teams constant development work to ensure you can continue getting the great features you expect from the R4 no matter what device you own. The newest R4i cards allows for constant firmware updates, allowing you remove any worries you may have had about spending hours updating your card.

The R4i fits into the slot 1 on your console, where you would have previously put games cartridges.

R4i Gold and 3DS versions

What separates the R4i Gold from the other DSI cards is their support for the latest firmware from Nintendo. The new updates for the R4i Gold from the R4i team allow users to get the most from their consoles, and with constant updates from the Nintendo Corporation constant work is needed by the R4i team to ensure the R4i Gold continues working. As of late there have been two main updates v1.4.3 and v1.4.4 which have both been fully supported by the new R4i Gold cards.

Other versions of the R4i Gold such as the R4i Gold 3DS support, as the name would suggest, the newest 3DS consoles from Nintendo. Possibly the best all round device on the market for DS consoles, the R4i Gold 3DS supports every current version of the DS console out there, which includes the DS, DS lite, DSi, DSi XL and 3DS consoles.

Carte R4 DS

The Carte R4 or R4 as it is also known allows the addition of a wide range of media files to your DS/ DS lite console. For years people had to have separate devices for different types of media, a games console for playing games, an mp3 player for playing music, an ebook reader for reading ebooks and mp4 devices for playing back video files. Thanks to the Carte R4 you can add and playback all these files on your console, no more need to purchase expensive devices, with the help of either Micro SD/SDHC memory cards you can add up to 32GB of your favourite media files with ease and thanks to advanced flash card technology.

The slot 1 R4 also supports the latest firmware from Nintendo, ensuring you can stay up to date with the latest developments that Nintendo has to offer its users.