New Features in Nintendo 3DS

From colorful games like Animal Crossing to scintillating games like Super Smash Bros, Nintendo 3DS is a handheld device for ardent gamers. It is an amazing device that will let you store all your favorite games. The all new Nintendo 3DS supports a wider range of games than any other device in the market. This can be attributed to its extensive fame and increased sales. Apart from delighting you with a never-like-before gaming platform, Nintendo 3DS comprises of few other interesting features too. This article will give you a comprehensive insight through these features.

Feature #1 – Face Tracking 3D

nintendo-3dsFace tracking 3D in Nintendo 3DS will take you to a whole new world. You will be able to see many unbelievable and untold things! Above all, you can create your very own 3D movies, 3D photographs and view AR cards that are designed to give life to various imaginary gaming characters.

Feature #2 – New Controls

The all new Nintendo 3DS XL has a brand new collection of controls. These controls will help you classy moves and win battles in style. The special C stick comprises of control possibilities like the intuitive camera. However, remember that these controls can be used only with compatible games. Also, the new ZL and ZR buttons are geared with more options than you think off.

Feature #3 – Support for Amiibo

Would you believe if someone told you that Nintendo 3DS has a built in support for amiibo? You can communicate with the device using an amiibo. While playing compatible games, you should tap an amiibo figure on the NFC alias Near Field Communication reader. This is when a whole new range of amiibo features would be unleashed. Also, you can customize this feature to adapt with other figures like Mario.

Feature #4 – Improved CPU Power

A key selling point of the new Nintendo 3DS would be its improved CPU power. The device is capable of loading at a faster speed and will let you play high-performance games in an effortless manner. Many new games are designed to make use of this boost. Conversely, you can play more games like never before. Meanwhile, all games from the previous Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi can be enjoyed in the new Nintendo 3DS.

Feature #5 – Data Sharing

Last but certainly not least, Nintendo 3DS supports easy data sharing! Transferring music, photographs and videos between your device and PC is totally wireless.