Eco-Atkins Diet

ecoThere are a lot of vegetarian based diets nowadays because people want to deviate from killing any animal just to get protein and nutrients. Apart from the morals, vegetables are just packed with vitamins and minerals your body needs. Plus, it is also heart-healthy as well, which reduces any plaque buildup in your arteries that could potentially lead to heart attacks.

Today, we’re going to take on a classic diet that was originally centered on getting more protein from animal sources and reducing HDL or bad cholesterol content on the body. Although the latter is still in this revised diet, the former has been replaced with Vegetable protein. The diet I am referring to is the Eco-Atkins Diet.

The Eco-Atkins diet is the “vegetarian” version of the Atkins diet. As I’ve mentioned, the original Atkins diet advocates that you consume good amounts of lean protein and minimize HDL content in your body.

The diet was created by researchers at the St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, Canada. They wanted to see if ingesting copious amounts of vegetable protein can aid in weight-loss and prevent heart attacks. Thus, the Eco-Atkins diet was born.

Now, this got you interested and you want to try the Eco-Atkins diet. But, before you do, here are some guidelines that you have to know before embarking on a journey to try out this diet:

  1. Replace Animal Protein with Vegetable Protein. Protein is one of the most important Macronutrients that your body needs. Protein is the building blocks of muscles and it can also help you lose weight and increase your metabolism. Because the original Atkins diet is centered on ingesting a lot of animal protein, the Eco-Atkins diet on the other hand, requires you to eat vegetable proteins instead. Such protein sources are foods that came primarily from gluten and soy, as well as Tofu and nuts.
  2. Be generous on the Oil. The Eco-Atkins diet will encourage you to take in the “good fats” that comes from certain oils such as Canola oil, Olive oil, etc. Two tablespoons worth of these oils is recommended per day (but you can go as much as 4 tablespoons if you want).
  3. Limited amount of Carbs. The Eco-Atkins diet is a high-protein, low-carb diet. Which carbohydrate foods should you eat if you want to try this diet out? Get your carbs from Fruits and vegetables, as well as oats, barley and cereals.
  4. Eat Fiber-rich foods. The Eco-Atkins diet’s main goal (aside from weight-loss) is the reduction of bad cholesterol in your body. Eating Fiber-rich foods will help you decrease the amount of HDL in your body. Also, eating fiber-rich foods also have a fat-burning effect, and you will feel a little lighter because fiber will help prevent constipation.
  5. This Diet can be a little expensive. In some countries and states, fruits and vegetables are more expensive than animal protein. This will incur a lot more money, but the rewards are great.

A lot of people follow the Eco-Atkins diet because of its vegetarian nature as well as its advocacy of eating protein and reducing cholesterol levels in the body. Is this diet for you? It depends, because if you’re a meat lover, you may want to try other diets. But if you have an inclination for healthy living, this diet is definitely a must-try.

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